About Us

We Always Do Our Business With Love

Suge Tarar Export Merchant is an export company based in Turkey. STEIM was established in 2021 with offices in Turkey. We deal with many business-like constructions and building materials, equipment and machines, cosmetics, stationeries, medicines, surgical products, automobiles, and more. Our focus is sourcing branded goods from the Turkish market at competitive prices to satisfy the ever-increasing worldwide demand. Our aim is to serve our clients’ needs, and we achieve this by providing the best-in-class service at all levels of our company.

Along the entire supply chain, we use our knowledge and experience to develop practical solutions to client’s day-to-day challenges. We act as a trustworthy partner, taking over our client’s tasks and working actively with them to achieve their goals. Regardless of which service we’re providing, our gaol remains the same which is to provide clints with reliable, long-term solutions, while helping them to grow their business. Our strong purchasing power has enabled us to source products at competitive prices and in bulk quantity, thus establishing a cost advantage. “

“We understand the importance of goods being delivered in a timely and secure fashion. So, we take the utmost care in providing efficient and reliable professionals in logistics for packing, consolidation, and shipping goods worldwide. This is available in a variety of forms, multi-temperature, door-to-door, road, sea, and air freight.

STEM provides an all-round service, which creates a one-stop shop that accommodates all our customers’ needs from the point your order is generated to its completion. We provide a hand-on service, giving our customers the peace of mind that all factors of the process are efficiently handled with a continued support from our experienced team. This is supported with accurate and consistent export documentation, insurance, inspection, testing and health certificates. After sales, the customer support provides all the help and information required by customers, until the goods reach the destination and are in your possession. “


Our aim is to develop long term relations with our clients based on mutual trust, personalized service and sound and timely advice. Also, to be a reliable and competitive partner, working to contribute to our customers’ and suppliers’ expansion.

  • fast
  • reliable
  • quality

Our Vision

To be a leading trading company in the international market, characterized by high -quality standards and constant innovation in all our processes

Our Mission

Our business mission is to offer a high-level service, both to our clients and suppliers, and to achieve the objectives established for each of brands we represent.