About us

Suge Tarar Group is a parent company with many different services provided. The goal for Suge Tarar was to become the go-to company for any area in dealings overseas. If you’re interested in visiting Turkey, then Suge Tarar has a wide variety of services that can enhance your experience.

Our Mission

to choose our customers a product with quality and time delivery principle to meet the expectations of our customers on international platform.

Our Vision

to increase the quality of products we offer to our customers

Our Quality Policy

to provide safe and quality products to our customers, we perform period checks our supplier’s products to meet the highest standards.



A quality product that you trust

When you order products from us , we don’t look for supplier now, but We already knew our supplier and quality of their products. We meet our supplier regularly and made a strong bond of relationship.



Top local professionals

Hand selected, local experienced agents, and neighbourhood specialist, work with you to achieve your goals. The highest level of market knowledge, transparency, technology utilization and transition experience.



Let us help you find perfect university for you

We provide resources and consulting to help guide international students study abroad in Turkey. Our program is designed to help you find the perfect university for you. We also help with travel, accommodations, health insurance, Visas, and other necessary arrangements.



Professional healthcare for overseas patients

We strive to provide the best medical care for you and your loved ones in an affordable and timely fashion. We will carefully plan, organize, and schedule your travel arrangements and medical procedures.



Make traveling to Turkey stress-free with your personal travel agent

When you book with us, we will organize schedules and create a custom tourist program based on your budget, family, and needs. Our agents know of all the best Turkish cities, travel offers, and other possible experiences to take your stay to the next level.

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